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Partner With Us

Do you see Riverview Church as your 'home'? Does our vision resonate with you or do our values align with yours? Are you passionate to see His Kingdom Community grow in Bo'ness? If so, why not consider partnering with us in this gospel work?

What does partnership look like?

To be a partner means that you understand where we are heading and how we intend to get there and you want to join us on the journey and help us along the way. 

The expectation of partners is that they are invested believers who will throw themselves into the life and the mission of the church and that they are themselves committed to discipleship growth in their own life and journey with Jesus. 

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Serve With Us

To become a partner we ask that you attend our partnership course which will give you opportunity to explore our vision, values and strategy and to ask questions before choosing to join with us. 

Jesus is known as the Servant King because while He is fully God He came to serve and to demonstrate that we live most fulfillingly and healthily when we serve others. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved at Riverview. Here is a list of our current ministry and serving teams. If you wish to find out more about getting involved with a team please click here to let us know or speak to one of our Leadership Team.





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Building &




Kids Church

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Give & Go With Us

mega-theme that seems to regularly appear in the Bible is about poverty, or rather, how we should deal with poverty. When reading about this something becomes really clear and that is that ignoring poverty is not an option - we are meant to act!



Hospitality &


How can I get involved?

*if you are interested in going on mission with Action Overseas please speak to one of the leaders of Riverview Church

We support local initiatives such as Storehouse which is a foodbank to the Bo'ness area and does a great work locally. You can get involved by simply bringing suitable items to the collection point at church or you could volunteer time to help them directly. 


We support the Apostolic Church UK's own missional arm, Action Overseas who work in countries all over the world to plant churches, train leaders and make disciples. You can get involved by supporting AO financially with a standing order or potentially by getting involved with a trip overseas.*


We love the work that Compassion UK do in arranging sponsorship for children who are living in extreme poverty and we highly recommend that individuals who are able would consider sponsoring a child and making a life changing difference for them.


Finally, we also recommend supporting the fantastic work of Mission Aviation Fellowship, who fly aid, and the Good News of Jesus into hard to reach areas  


At Riverview Church we want to 'give' and we want to 'go' and while we recognise that not everyone can physically go, every one can give in some way, even if what they give is small, or not financial at all but giving time by helping out. 

How we act depends largely on our own circumstances but we are required to act in whatever way we are able. For some that may look like financial generosity because they have the means, for others that may mean 'going' or 'doing' because they have the skills and availability, for some it will be about aiding the poverty at our own doorstep and for others it may mean a trek across the globe. For some it will be a combination of all of those things. 

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