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Sunday is just the beginning!
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Regular Events - currently suspended


Prayer is the 'powerhouse' of everything we do at Riverview Church. Prayer changes us and  actually has the power to  transform our community. Why not join us for one of our prayer meetings?

Wednesday10 is a monthly midweek morning meeting that everybody is welcome to. It is particularly useful for those who may not be able to get to Homegroups in a particular week, those who work differing shifts or those who have retired. 

All meetings are currently suspended until further notice, however we are still connecting online in various ways. You're welcome to join us! Go to our Church Online page for more.

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Shared lunches are a great opportunity for you to get to know other people in the church, especially as the fellowship continues to grow! Everyone is

welcome even if you are not a regular attender.

As we get to know each other we grow together.

Homegroups take place in the 2nd and 4th weeks of the month and are a great way to 'go deeper' with God and with to connect with others in the church. To find out more about Homegroups or to sign up for a Homegroup click here. 

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