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What we Believe

We are part of the Apostolic Church Uk and share its core beliefs. As a fellowship we could be described as both Evangelical and Pentecostal, but getting past the jargon it means that we love God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit), that we want to tell our community about Him because we believe that He changes everything and offers us true hope, and that we believe that God gives us the ability to do this by the power or His Holy Spirit.

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Our Vision

​​In society the concept of ‘community’ is being increasingly lost. People live further apart, they often live and work in different locations. It’s not even uncommon for people to drive many miles to a church. They work longer hours under more stress and overall are more suspicious of each other.


Our vision is to love Bo'ness so that we may reveal Jesus to the people of our town. We believe that the Kingdom of Jesus provides the best community to live within and so we will work to see His 'Kingdom Community' growing here.

A Kingdom Community is more than a gathering on a Sunday - at its core, Kingdom Community is about being family.


We believe that Bo'ness will be:


- a place where the churches are together. 

Where we have a ‘Church’ rather than a ‘churches’ mindset and we grasp the nature of Kingdom over clan. Where we are complimentary rather than competitive and where ministers honour one another and set examples of love, accountability, respect and collaboration. 


- a place where Jesus is known in the streets. 

Where He is loved and desired, honoured and glorified and where it would in no way be considered strange to stop and pray for someone in a street, cafe, pub, or supermarket.


- a place where people grow in love and faith. 

Where encouragement is considered before criticism and people seek out ways to bless their neighbours. 


- a staging post for activated disciples.

That is that as people mature as  followers of Jesus they are activated for ministry and mission within the town, across the central belt, wider Scotland, U.K. and beyond. It is also a place where returning ministers and missionaries find welcome, rest and refreshment within the community.

This vision is behind everything that we do as a church. In particular we are passionate about planting churches, developing disciples and releasing leaders​

It’s about intentionally building His Kingdom in Bo’ness and allowing that to carry something/shout something to other communities that need His Kingdom.

It's about intentionally building His Kingdom


Our Values 

We are a people who......



We value being part of something that is bigger than ourselves. As such we are committed to each other, to the church and to the people of the town. We are full of faith, we are selfless and we will get involved as active participants and not passive observers. We believe that the joy and reality

of the Kingdom of Jesus is expressed most fully and beautifully when we are serving each other and the world from a heart of love.

"...active participants..."

We value having the ability to positively influence others towards growth. As we are grateful, having learned to be content in all seasons. We will count our blessings and understand God’s lavish goodness to us. We will carry joy as

an outer garment rather than as a hidden treasure. We are generous with our time and our resources, we love to see others succeed and will delight in resourcing that success. We are a hospitable people who are invitational. We love to bring people in but will also go a great distance to welcome those whom others have brought or those who have found their own way into our community. Our homes are open and are places of warmth and sanctuary to others. 

Audience Applauding


"...carry joy as an outer garment..."

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We value doing things in a new way and hold loosely to tradition. Embracers are visionary people who can see the  bigger picture and are willing to chase it down. They can see the promise and are prepared to take steps towards it. They embrace change! We are audacious, recklessly brave and creative, willing to take risks in order to achieve the goal. We can do all this because we are emotionally mature, always moving forward and seeking to develop our own character and relationship with Jesus. We are resilient and not swayed by gossip or popular opinion. 

"...embrace change..."

We value being part of the Kingdom of God and we will fight to see it grow. We achieve this by being builders, having a mindset for growth that seeks to spread the borders of the Kingdom. We value discipleship and will demonstrate it in our own lives. We are pioneers who will push out into the community and seek opportunities everywhere, whether in the pub, workplace, supermarket or an organised event. We will  build the Kingdom  because we are inclusive. We welcome everyone without prejudice or bias. We will help people to belong because we make the statement: “you are welcome here!” regardless of race, colour, personality, position or ability.




Senior Leadership Team

Tomas Workman

Lead Pastor


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Margaret MacDonald

Development Pastor

Andrew Watt

Assistant Pastor

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Eddie Watt

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Isobel Sorley

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Jessica Workman

Ian Burns

Teaching Pastor

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Helen McKenna

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David MacDonald

Treasurer & MLT Chair

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