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Who Is Jesus?

Discover the Life You Thought Impossible
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You may not have really thought about this much until this moment and maybe you have a concept of what church and Christianity is all about. You may have wondered why we say some of the things that we say or do some of the things that we do, and quite possibly you have come to the conclusion that the church is out of date, irrelevant and out of touch with reality. 

Church Can Be Weird!


At Riverview  Church we are not really concerned with simply having and protecting a 'religious' way of doing things, where 'religious' means doing things for the sake of tradition. Everything that we do is actually about, and for, a person - not a tradition. And his name is Jesus. That may seem strange, considering this person lived and died over 2000 years ago. So, what is it about this person that so many people, like us at Riverview, choose to make him the focus of their lives?


The fact that Jesus actually lived is pretty well documented. There aren't many serious historians, anthropologists or philosophers who would say that he didn't exist and the consensus is that he lived in a place where modern day Israel is, approximately 2000 years ago, that he said some pretty ground breaking things and that around the age of 33 he was killed like a criminal with an ancient method of capital punishment. 

We believe that this person, Jesus, is still alive today. Perhaps you think that's crazy but if he actually is alive today I think we could all agree that it changes everything! People who died over 2000 years ago cannot be alive today and if they were there would have to be something pretty special about them!


There are several historical documents that state that he was seen alive after being very much dead - that he was raised back to life. He spent time with his closest friends, people who would have spotted a fake, and he was seen by a further 500 people.  


People have often said that this was a deception, that the original friends and followers of Jesus had made up so that they could kick start a new religion but at the time it was dangerous to believe that such things could have happened, people literally lost their lives for declaring something different to the established or popular beliefs of the day. Why would so many people risk their lives if they were telling lies.  Would you be willing to die for something that you knew not to be true?


We believe that there is something special about him - that he is in fact God. A God who gives meaning and purpose to our existence but also can identify with us in all of our pain, anger and anxiety. We believe that the answer to our identity, which can at times be a very confused issue, is found most fully in Him.

It would be unhelpful to detail every proof and evidence that we have to support this here and so we really encourage you to come along to Riverview Church to find out for yourself, without there being pressure on you to agree or be 'one of us'. You are welcome, who ever you are and what ever your beliefs. 

Ultimately we want you to know that God is real, that He hasn't forgotten about you, that He really does love you and that He gives meaning to your life.  

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